Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's new?

Lots going on here lately.

For starters, Dave and I have begun the South Beach Diet. Today started our 2nd week of phase 1. Dave is down 11 pounds already, and I am down 6. Not discouraged tho, I know that stinky ol boys lose weight faster that we girls. No worries. I fit into a pair of jeans that I'd opted to leave in the closet for a while because of comfort issues... so that is proof for me.

Got diagnosed with my first disease. Hyperthyroidism. Not sure how I feel about it. Still kind of trying to figure it all out. I think a part of me hopes that it may be the reason I get so emotional over things here lately. Not that I haven't always been that way, but the last two years in particular seem to have sent me over the edge. I can cry at the drop of a hat, over nothing even. So, my endocrinologist has me trying Methimazole for a month. The side effects are SCARY with this drug, so it's very short term. Most likely, I'll undergo a radioactive iodine treatment, where they will destroy my thyroid to keep it from over-producing the hormone. This will in turn send my body into hypothyroidism, which means I'll get to take medication the rest of my friggin life! YIPPEE! Sign me up! Figures I would not get the sudden weight loss symptom of the disease... instead I get the rapid heart rate.. even when I'm on a beta blocker! Go figure!

On to other frustrations: church. Ugh. I have such issues with it lately. Not church in general, but my church. This past year has been a real eye opening experience of finding out "who our friends are". In particular, for me, I've found out which leaders cannot be trusted. Which, in a weird sense, is good. Because it is forcing me to put my trust only in Christ to sustain me. Easier said than done, but it's all a process. Based on the scripture in Jeremiah 17:5-10. Which basically says, if you put your trust in people, you will wither up and dry up and cease to produce fruit... fear the drought and the storms... live miserably. On the other hand, if you put your trust in Christ, you will be unafraid of whatever life tosses you, and will still bear fruit... be planted by water so that your roots may grow down deep into the soil, strengthening you for what life brings.
Wow! Sounds simple doesn't it? Unfortunately for me, I know not how to make it simple. I am drawn to people more than I am to Christ. I can see people. I can touch people. It's more real. I believe Christ, I've seen His works in many ways, but sometimes, I feel I don't KNOW him as I could if I put forth more effort. So, I've been putting forth more effort over the last two months, and quite honestly, I've felt more turmoil. Especially regarding the church I attend. I feel like I'm coming out of my skin sometimes. Like people there are just liars and they are judgemental. It's like a big high school dance, and all the sides are chosen. All the cliches are formed and the outsiders, or non-conformers are left spinning like "what happened"?
So needless to say, hubby and I are in prayer about it. As much as we can. I find that each time we make it there (which requires effort in itself) we are more and more uncomfortable. What I'm mostly, honestly praying for is a way out, but I'm trying to pray for God's will in the situation.

This next month in March will be a busy one, but should be fun. The first weekend, Dave and I get to have a weekend without kids, as we head to Louisville, KY to the annual Supporting Heroes Banquet. We will meet his parents, and Jalinda, and his cousin Kimberly there. The banquet is to honor fallen heroes in the civil service realm: Police, Fire, and Paramedics.
We, unfortunately a part of this club now, because we lost Dave's brother, Jeremy, an EMT, in an accident in December 2005.
So, this is a memorial and a fundraiser all at the same time, so that any fallen heroes' families can be taken care of when the need arises. It's actually bittersweet. It's amazing how people can come to the aid of families. Amazing.

Then my little Hannah's cycle break comes this month too. She and Spence will be heading up to Indiana for a whole week! Staying with Grandma and Grandpa Rodecap. They've talked about it for weeks and ask all the time, "When can we go?".

Dave will hopefully be blessed with a new job this month too. We are ALL pulling for that. He is in an extremely toxic place right now... nothing to look forward to there or to work towards even. Just a lot of hard work and empty promises. He's done. It's now just a matter of finding a new place to go. All prayers appreciated.

Well, it's that time of day when it's getting difficult to keep the eyes open. We've been enjoying the first Lord of the Rings movie on our new TV. It's awfully nice! Having a geek for a husband has it's perks. :-) I'll try not to wait so long to report again. Hopefully I'll have good news soon! TA TA FOR NOW!

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