Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bargain finds!

Thanks to the enablers at Splitcoast, I was given a tip that Michael's had some Martha Stewart goodies on clearance. Namely some 8pk note cards, for A DOLLAR!!!! And the 40% coupons are able to be used on Martha stuff now too. That used to not be the case. I also used my coupon for a cute little acrylic stamp set that consisted of a little floral frame with about 7 or 8 Scripture verses. I thought that this could help me make some more Christmas gifts for teachers and my Mother in law.

I earned a little fun money tonight and plan to sneak back to Mike's tomorrow morning to see if there are any other colors at the store on the other side of town. Never know, right? :)

My folks are taking a plane ride to San Antonio on Thursday to visit my sister and brother-in-law. So I took my kids over tonight for some grandparent time, while Dave and I went our for a few hours of NON-parenting time. Had some yummy breakfast for dinner at IHOP and it was nice to just have some quiet.

Also worked on school "black and orange" party crafts. We have lots of foam crafts for the first grade class my daughter is in. We're also playing a balloon popping game, in which a little toy or candy will be inside the balloon and the kids have to pop it to find out what's inside. And finally, cookie decorating. Should be fun. There is only an hour to have the party, which is hilarious to me, but I understand. Just makes it crazy to organize 21 kids who are craving sugar in an hour's time :).

Well, I'm about off to bed. The silly dog was up twice last night. I'm getting too old for all this waking up during the night busness. Sometimes it feels like we will never sleep thru the night ever again. *sigh* Better luck tonight.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More stamping samples.

I had lots of fun doing some more stamping. Took out a few of my older sets and tried to make them feel new again. I am excited about all the ramblings I'm hearing about Stampin Up being a little less restrictive on where we can sell things made with their stamps. I'm hoping it will be possible to fund my habit by making stuff with my addiction. We shall see. Thanks for looking! All the details for my cards are on splitcoast, which is linked to the right of my page. My ID on there is hhroady.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Been busy stamping.

I've finally had a stamping streak! YAHOO! I'm going to attempt to post pictures. All of these are already posted on Splitcoast, which is linked on the right side of this page. My name on Splicoast is hhroady, so all of the details of these cards can be found on there. Enjoy!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Camping is not for wimps.

So my mom tells me today while we were shopping, "It's funny that you will catch frogs, hold snakes, and shoot guns, but you don't like camping." I laughed. It sounds weird, doesn't it? It's not exactly that I don't like camping. It's just that for starters, it's a lot of work! I have to spend much more time preparing, setting up, and taking down, that if I "camped" in a hotel. Secondly, it was HOT! It was miserable August weather hot in OCTOBER! Thirdly, our lovely Town and Country, that has been a pill since we purchased it 2 years ago, was a super pill this weekend in the middle of nowhere. So, I wouldn't exactly say that I don't enjoy camping, tho give me a snake over spiders and ticks any ol' day, but I didn't necessarily enjoy this camping trip... not all of it anyhow.

Now that we're home, I did run around like a chicken with my head cut off today. I scored some area rugs at Old Time Pottery today... four of them, to the tune of $16 bucks! Can you beat that? I got 3 for my kitchen, on at the back door, for Belle to get dirty, instead of my floor, and one in front of the sink and the oven, where I frequently stand. The fourth is in the entry way. All of them nice looking and CHEAP! So if they get destroyed in the wash or whatnot, I'm only out 16 bucks.

Then I grabbed a check from the consignment shop for nearly $30 bucks, which was cool. I used my 50% Michaels coupon on nothing exciting (blade refills for my paper cutter). Woohoo. I know, boring, but you can't NOT use a 50% coupon. :)

Now I have to run a package to the post office. And decide what to make for dinner that is easy and not too unhealthy. Is that possible? :)

Tomorrow I have only one kid instead of 2. Spencer has mom's day out again. So maybe tomorrow will be less crazy, I hope.
On the upside... STAMP CLASS IS TOMORROW at my pal Lisa's. She's got 2 weeks in a row of classes. Yeah for me! :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A new season of GREY'S ANATOMY--yeah!

Finally, Grey's is back on! What the heck is going on this season? Will George split with Callie and stick with Izzy? What's up with Burke? I know he was leaving the show, but will it end like this? No real "end" to he and Christina? And will Derek and Meredith just be idiots with the on again/off again business? It will be interesting and thanks to Tivo... I'll have my butt glued to the couch each Thursday night.

In other news, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the whole week it seems. Cycle break this time around seems to be dragging on forever and I cannot find enough htings to keep Hannah busy. :-) I think she misses school too. Today we did open play time at Pump It Up. Then we got some pizza, ate real quick and did some more running! We scooted out to my pal Heather's, she is on the down hill slide of her chemo treatments...she is doing AWESOME! And she had a little birthday gift for me. It's a really pretty necklace with a sterling and abalone pendant. It's very versatile and I just felt so loved for such a special gift.

Lastly, we swung thru the super wally world for some camping gear as we are heading to southern Indiana to camp with Dave's folks. I initially was excited, til I heard it will be in the freaking 90s all weekend! It will likely be warmer this weekend in OCTOBER when we camp than it was in JULY when we last camped! Ridiculous! As Dave's great aunt Teenie would say, "it's all because of that El Camino..." teehee... El Nino? El Camino? Gotta love old people.

So, we'll finish up packing in the A.M. and drop the grand-dog off at my parents' house and hit the road. With any luck, the mosquitoes will know we have the DEET packed and steer clear of us!

Everyone, have a great weekend!