Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

We had an Easter weekend eggstravaganza. Began of Friday night with our kids going over the river to my sister and brother-in-law's house for a sleep-over. Uncle Ken and Aunt Caryn are moving at the end of the month to San Antonio, TX and so they offered to keep the kids and take them to Scott Air Force Base to show them Uncle Ken's plane and let them climb around in it. They got some cool pix and I'll have to wait til Caryn emails them to me. But needless to say, my kids had a blast and Ken and Caryn got a large dose of birth control. And are happily enjoying the kidless honeymoon stage. :-)

On Friday night while our kids were away, Dave and I were able to enjoy a dinner out and went up to Calvary Church to see a person called "The Jesus Painter". Wow. It was an amazing production. This 30 something guy has a gift to take a large canvas and just create some amazing portraits of Jesus. I highly recommend a glance at his website. Just google "the Jesus Painter". You can see all of his creations. It's more impactful if you can see him in person, however, because each of the paintings starts as one thing and gradually ends up being a picture of Jesus. Like my favorite, I think it's called, Jesus' eyes, started as a cross and a bridge, with people on one side and one person on hands and knees crawling across this bridge to the cross, and then the whole image of the face of Jesus emerged from that.... it was quite spectaucular. Anyway, check it out.

On Saturday, we all met up at Ken and Caryn's for an egg hunt and dinner. It was pretty fun, the only downer was how tired my kids were, so we didn't stay to play a game with the grown ups. Ah well.

Today, we got up and gave the kids their goodies. I'm thinking they were pretty happy with their Easter treasures. Only a smidge of candy. I'll be a candy nazi for the rest of my life it feels like. Only one time a day, if you deserve it, is my motto. :-)
They were good today too. Still battling the allergies really bad, which makes it hard to go outdoors at all. Not liking that so much, and they're both pretty doped up on Benadryl, which makes it strange here too. Kind of stare off into space a lot. :-)
We went to Calvary for church this morning. It was the first time we'd been to a Sunday morning service there in more than 6 years, but I truly enjoyed the worship time. It was vibrant and fun, and so full of vocalists and musicians. Maybe just a hint of me would find it fun to go back, but not sure that's really where God wants us. So next week, I'm guessing we'll go back to searching for a place to call home. Still no one from the church we're in the process of leaving-- calling to check in with us to see how we are or where we've been. Not one. We've not been there since the end of February. Poor Hannah asked to go there this morning. So difficult for me to explain to her all that's gone on. She would never understand, but she will be fine. I know that once we find some place, she will blossom. She's so friendly and kind, she will make fast friends for sure. I pray that it's soon. Tiresome feeling like a gypsy. But afraid to settle for just anything, and even more afraid to invest my heart and soul into another church for fear of it being stomped all over again. But knowing I have to trust God to make my path and to use the gifts He's given me to be a part of something bigger than just showing up on a Sunday. All prayers apprecialted as we search for His will.

Tomorrow sis is off school, so I'm trading baby sitting kids with my mom. A baby niece for a four year old niece, so I can take the big kids to the park for a while. So they can run and play and get all sorts of energy out. And hopefully not have any huge allergic reactions while we are still insurance free for 23 more days. :-) Also this week, I get to substitute at my son's Mom's Day out program. I nearly forgot about it. But he gets free tuition this month for me working 2 days. Not a bad trade off, if you ask me.

Other than that, I'm not sure what my week holds. I'm sure it will be busy, as it always seems to be. Gotta clean it up real good, cuz I'm hosting Caryn and Ken's going away party on Saturday. *sigh* It's all happening so fast. Even tho Caryn and I aren't the closest, it's freaking me out a little how far away she'll be and how that will change the dynamics of our family. Hoping they'll be able to travel our way for lots of the holidays without too much complication, but you just never know. Trying not to get all sad about it.

So, on a happy note, I'll close with a new pic of Dave and I. Finally cut my hair shorter again this week. What a relief! I'll try to post some kidlet pics tomorrow, or whenever I get them from Caryn. Have a wonderful week!

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