Sunday, May 06, 2007

One of my heroes...

Today, I was fortunate enough to meet up again with one of my heroes. I didn't know this person was ever my hero, until I became a mother, and even more so recently with some parenting stuff that comes up. When I was growing up, this person went to my church. She was the mother of at least four, maybe five children at the time and in my eyes, well, she was just a little "different". She home schooled. which then was the exception to the rulel, she was always making up little songs to scripture (which I now wish I had valued more), and I don't know, she just different all around. Not in a bad way, but as a young teen, in a way that wasn't "cool". Ya know?

Fast forward to today, when I was able to see her and hug her, and with tears in my eyes, ask, "HOW EVER DID YOU DO THIS?" And her simple, and poignant reply, "I was on my knees, and sometimes on my face by the grace of God." Ah, simply put... she didn't know at times what she was doing either, but instead of grumbling and whining and shaking her fist and raising her voice like I tend to do, all to often I might add, she simply cried out to the Lord who hears all of our cries, even when we are too proud to utter them out loud. Thank you Becky McCotter, for your wisdom, your wonderful embrace today, and your prayers for my little family. I will treasure that moment this morning, when even for 5 minutes, I felt like someone understood exactly what I feel. And I will try much harder to follow your example to take my cares to my Father and let HIM comfort me through it.

I also had a good heart to heart with my friend Tracy. God is doing a cool thing with bringing us together in a new and exciting way. We grew up as neighbors, and didn't particularly get along all that well. Now, since I got married, we've gotten a little bit closer and closer, till this year, when we took a Bible study class together. Anyhow, we both have two kiddos and we both have just really begun to deepen our friendship through some similar church experiences and such. She and I are going to a Mom's Night Out this weekend to listen to Lisa Welchel (Blair Warner, from the Facts of Life). She is a Christian mom who seems to have lots of fun parenting ideas. We are planning to go out for a grown up dinner before hand just to enjoy a kid-free night. We both are just in a parenting rut lately. Trying to figure out what works for each kid and not lose our sanity at the same time. :-)

So, I am hoping that the rest of my single parenting weekend will go as smoothly as this afternoon has gone. Yesterday, not so much, but today was decently decent. And, though I am so glad Dave is having a good time at his shooting class, I really miss having a tag team weekend, where I am not the only parent around.

And, so, I'm off to switch some laundry, and continue tidy-ing up around my home. Trying to make life less hectic, by trying to keep my home less hectic as well. My how the messes can get out of hand! *sigh* My goal is to have a clean house to enjoy by Mother's day weekend, so I have NO work to do on Mother's day.

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