Friday, November 16, 2007

I promise I've been busy....

STAMPING! I know, I should be taking pictures... and I will tomorrow. Promise.

I've been working hard on Christmas cards for 2007, some thank you's as a bartering deal worked out with my fabulous hair stylist, Carey... some ornaments that I've been giving away as fast as I can make them (which is pretty fast with these quickies).
I've been having lots of fun. I've done a lot of paper hoarding over the past few months and I've finally broken down and cut some of it up and used it and gave away what I've made... that's what it's all about, right?

We had a fun family night tonight. We all ate dinner together (which is pretty much an every night thing round our house), then we went to the Mills Mall in Hazelwood...girls to Archiver's/boys to Cabella's next door. :) Everyone's happy. Then we came home and popped some popcorn and popped in a movie. Tonight we watched Evan Almighty. It was really cute, and what was even cuter, was when it was over, I asked my two kiddos... who are 7 and nearly 5..."what was the lesson of this movie? If God asks you to do something....." to which they replied... "DO IT!". Ah, too cute and ouch... too true. Don't wanna learn some lessons the hard way, so I'm going to try to make tomorrow a better "listen to Dad" day.

This weekend we'll host a Thanksgiving dinner with my family along with some extended famly on my dad's side. Then on Wednesday, we'll head northeast to Indiana to spend the holiday with Dave's folks. So, I'm going to attempt to start being more focused on things I am thankful for. Here are just a few:

1. I am so thankful for my husband Dave. He and I have plenty of chances to marvel in how well God has matched us together. Especially when we have seen several of our friends deal with either divorces or just "dead" marriages here lately. Not that we have it "all" together, cuz we don't claim to. But we are serious about this being "it"... we are committed. We are in love... and we know how to laugh and be completely stupid together... and that seems to be the glue that holds us tight. We are also BIG advocates of date nights. Which leads to my other things to be thankful for.

2. I am thankful for parents on both of our sides who genuinely WANT to spend time with our kids. I have so many friends who either have family that is far away and not accessible, or family who lives right here in town, but just don't give a rip. I've got a grandma who doesn't give a rip, so I know how that feels and I'm blessed that my children never have had to experience that. I'm thankful that my kids are loved and spoiled shamelessly by our parents.

3. Which brings me to my kids... I love those little stinkers. Hannah and Spencer are so full of life and so full of "other" stuff sometimes too. :) But they bring so much to my life. I cannot imagine it without them. When they are gone to Dave's folks for a week, I start to go literally crazy missing them. But I'm thankful that they are adventurous in a safe way. They like to push the line, but they are pretty responsible. Sometimes they are overly responsible, like tonight when Hannah was going on and on and on about "intruder alerts" at school (which is just sad to begin with), but let me tell you ... that 7 year old of mine--she's got a plan for whatever room she is in...on the other hand, she got her brother ALL wigged out about intruders now. Oy... she's too smart for her own good, but it sure keeps us on our toes. They are so kind to each other and just really good playmates. I so love them.

I know I'll add more to my thankful list. But I need to pace myself. :) That, and my fingers are cramping...

Tomorrow will be cleaning day to prepare for company on Sunday and probably laundry day too. A mom's work is truly never done. NEVER! Good night!

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