Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bargain finds!

Thanks to the enablers at Splitcoast, I was given a tip that Michael's had some Martha Stewart goodies on clearance. Namely some 8pk note cards, for A DOLLAR!!!! And the 40% coupons are able to be used on Martha stuff now too. That used to not be the case. I also used my coupon for a cute little acrylic stamp set that consisted of a little floral frame with about 7 or 8 Scripture verses. I thought that this could help me make some more Christmas gifts for teachers and my Mother in law.

I earned a little fun money tonight and plan to sneak back to Mike's tomorrow morning to see if there are any other colors at the store on the other side of town. Never know, right? :)

My folks are taking a plane ride to San Antonio on Thursday to visit my sister and brother-in-law. So I took my kids over tonight for some grandparent time, while Dave and I went our for a few hours of NON-parenting time. Had some yummy breakfast for dinner at IHOP and it was nice to just have some quiet.

Also worked on school "black and orange" party crafts. We have lots of foam crafts for the first grade class my daughter is in. We're also playing a balloon popping game, in which a little toy or candy will be inside the balloon and the kids have to pop it to find out what's inside. And finally, cookie decorating. Should be fun. There is only an hour to have the party, which is hilarious to me, but I understand. Just makes it crazy to organize 21 kids who are craving sugar in an hour's time :).

Well, I'm about off to bed. The silly dog was up twice last night. I'm getting too old for all this waking up during the night busness. Sometimes it feels like we will never sleep thru the night ever again. *sigh* Better luck tonight.

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