Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should've known better OR My husband is a saint!

So, my mom's been gone for nearly a week to see my sister in San Antonio. My mom is a stay at home grandma to 2 nieces and one nephew...full time...for free. My brother takes the cake in advantage taking. He uses her the most. My sister uses her fairly regularly, but has a much more flexible schedule. So for about the last year, the only time my mom has watched my two kids are when she's asked me if she could. I just feel so bad most of the time to even ask her, because I just feel she needs a break, for crying out loud.

Anyhow, today, she came home and I'd told my kids that we could stop by and see grandma after school for just a little while. Well, of course, everyone missed grandma, so everyone was there. It was sheer chaos. At one point, I looked at my dad and said, "wanna make a run for it?" So, basically, chaos and I don't get along really well. By the time I left, I just felt totally frazzled. Not helping the issue, is the fact that I feel kinda crappy. The kids have caught their first colds--during the second week of school--and so, yes, now I have a cold as well. Basically, in the state I was in already, I never should have gone over there, if I'd known the chaos would be there. Thus, I should've known better.

Then we came home, and it all just progressed. My darling daughter decided to stretch out on the nasty, dog-haired covered floor, sliding across it on her new back pack... knowing full well, she's not supposed to lay on the nasty, dog-haired covered floor in the first place, much less "ride" her backpack across it....

Then came dinner, which was quite tasty, but that was overlooked by the fact that my sweet son apparently has a drinking problem. Now, let me clarify. He is FIVE. He's been very regularly drinking from a cup without a lid for quite some time, and yet the last few weeks, or months... I've lost track... if he's not complaining about what we are having, he is spilling his drink all over the front of himself and the table. I kid you not, our table will need to be refinished soon. The frustration finally got to me and I yelled at him. And he proceeded to cry. It was fun times. (*sarcasm*)

And as the night went on, we came to tooth brushing time. As sweet son was brushing his teeth... he wasn't doing as well as he used to. And when Daddy tried to tell him to do better... more tears.... lots of drama since school started. So I tried to settle down before we actually prayed with them. Seemed to work a bit.

The last part of my title is dedicated to my sweet man. He is currently working his frustrations out at the gym, of which he fully deserves to tonight, cuz frankly, I'm unsure of who was the bigger basket-case: my kiddos or me. And yet, he came and kissed me tenderly on the lips before he left to go to the gym... actually, he's been gone a while... hope he's coming back...(just kidding Honey!) My point being. He could've just stomped out of here, as I was tempted to do earlier after dinner, and scram like some hubbies would do, but he didn't. He held his cool. And he still loved on me. And that, my friends, is the best gift of all in my book. And I sure do love that man.

So can I get a big : THANK GOD TOMORROW IS FRIDAY? Here's to a better day tomorrow and hopefully the kids and I will be feeling better and even more so, hopefully Daddy won't get it.

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