Thursday, September 04, 2008

New job

So I started a new job this week. I'm teaching, I should say co-teaching a 2 year old class at Mom's Day Out at the church that I grew up in. Only one day down so far, but it was a good first day. I have to say, even though I'm slightly afraid of how busy I'm about to get, I'm also excited about how many snuggles and love and joy I can receive from a room full of little ones.

Time is flying so fast. Hannah is turning eight next week. When did this happen? She is growing crazy fast. She is SO smart, and I'm not just saying that as her mother. Do any of you have an 8yo in your home that yells at you for using hairspray that is damaging the ozone with chlorofluorocarbons? I am probably not even SPELLING it correctly, yet she is on my case about recycling and reading 200 page books in one evening and just generally soaking everything in like a sponge! She pays attention, when I don't want her to, in particular. She is in the gifted program and is learning how to research things. So she is always coming home and looking up weather information and thinks it's funny that there is a hurricane that shares the same name as her right now. Funny, that is, until her little brother told her that "she" killed 60 people in Haiti. Then, she didn't think it was as funny.

And Spencer. Whew. Not quite to the end of the first quarter of Kindergarten and reading books already. It is SO fun to have watched him go from clinging to Dave that first week of school, to being totally stoked to go each morning and ramble on and on about all they did after I pick them up in the afternoon.

Sometimes it's easy for me to get complacent. Too easy, I find myself comparing myself or my circumstances to what I wish they could be or worse, what I'm glad they aren't. And I have to remember and reflect on how much God has blessed me. Blessed me with a husband who loves me and loves to spend time with me, is generous enough to spend money on me and yet, who values our individuality, and who is totally cool if I want to spend a girl's night out with friends, and who knows I'm totally cool with sending him to the range to work out his frustrations of sitting at a desk all day long to bring home our bacon. Blessed me with 2 healthy, happy, very well behaved children. Yes, they are exhausting and try our patience at times, but all I have to do to remember how great I have it there is to turn on SuperNanny and whew, I have it G-O-O-D! Blessed to find a part time job, and work in an uplifting environment where everyone works as a team and have the flexibility to be at school parties and field trips as well.   LIFE IS GOOD!

I wish I could say that I'll update again soon, but as anyone, if anyone can see from my record... I am not consistent whatsoever. But it's an update nonetheless. Until next time...

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