Thursday, September 07, 2006

So here is the dress for my sister's wedding. I like it, actually, more than the one I originally had chosen. Shannon and I will be wearing a color called Pool, like a light/medium turquoise. Amanda, Megan, and Caren will be wearing more of a teal color. All of our dresses are long, so Caryn said we can wear whatever shoes we want. Which is cool. I think I'll start tanning once a week to get some color over the next 3 months.

Anyhow, tomorrow Spencer and Hannah will both be at school all day. My only plans are to have lunch with my dear friend Lisa. We are going to a fantastic Italian place, called Frankie Tocco's pizzaria. They have really yummy pizza. They also have an appetizer called a rice ball. It's so yummy. It's risotto, peae, meat, cheese, all rolled up into a ball and fried. So tasty, dipped in marinara. I cannot wait to hang out with her too. She's been my right arm this year. Not only does she provide me with my stamping addiction, but she is an amazing friend.

Now, I'm gonna finish watching Grey's anatomy and veg on the computer while hubby gets on a work call. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

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