Tuesday, March 20, 2007


My two wonderfully cute kids are home again. They spent a week in Indiana with Dave's folks. They all seemed to have a great time and all seem to be exhausted as well. :-) The hardest parts are Dave and I saying good-bye when they leave us and then his parents crying as we take them back. *sigh* God love 'em. They are so excited when they get them. And we are blessed to have both of our parents so willing and excited to take our kids just about whenever we need them too!

This week has been crazy so far though! Yesterday was crazy busy. Glad it's done. Then today was less busy in a sense, but a playdate at the park with Hannah and a friend was COLD! I think that I just got so cold and then found that I couldn't get warm all day. So I'd hunker down under a blanket, and then I'd get sleepy. So my day was pretty unproductive! Ah well.

Some fun news: Dave got us 9th row floor seats to Alisson Krauss this July at the Scottrade Center (or whatever it's called now).
We have been to two of her concerts already. And we just really enjoy her and the laid back atmosphere of her concert. So I'm looking forward to that!

Went to the endocrinologist today. Trying to get my doctor visits in while we still have this insurance before the month long wait for our new insurance to start. So I had bloodwork done again after being on the methimazole for a month and my levels are getting better. Looks like my thyroid is balancing out a little, which will hopefully get me out of having to get the radio-active iodine treatment. My true wish is to get off of as much medication as I can. I am currently taking three daily meds and I'm only 33. I don't like that. And I don't want to make a habit of it. Which is another reason that this South Beach lifestyle seems to be a good fit for us. It can maybe help me to a med-free life too. By the way, today I am wearing a pair of capri pants that are two sizes smaller than before! Woohoo!

Had stamp class last night. Made some really cute cards at my friend/demo Lisa's house. She is quite crafty and I usually truly enjoy myself. The last few times have been crazy though! So many people, which is great for Lisa, but man, it's like LOUD and crazy! I took advantage of the Stampin Up March special and got me some fun paper, a jumbo wheel, and stamp set for bundle price and then got to order anything out of the mini catalog for half off! I was boring and got a pre folded card set in a new size... but I got it for only $3.28! And mostly went with that because none of the other stamp sets really lit me up. This weekend I was supposed to go to a shoe box swap, but time is just so packed with stuff to do, that I was able to talk another stamp friend who's going into taking my stuff for me. I was excited that she was willing! Thanks Beth!

Tomorrow I'm keeping Madison for Tracy. She is the little girl I watched part time for a year before my dog bit my son. After that, they stopped brining her. But this is Tracy's last full week of work as she is having another baby on 3/29. So, Maddi was asking for Spencer and Hannah so we'll have company all day tomorrow. Hopefully it will go well. Madison has just a slight temper! ;-) And quite a bite too!

*yawn* Well, I'd love to ramble on longer, but my brain is toast! I'll leave you with a fun picture...it is from our winter trip to Indiana. My kiddos' first b.b. gun experience! They were hilarious!

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