Thursday, October 04, 2007

A new season of GREY'S ANATOMY--yeah!

Finally, Grey's is back on! What the heck is going on this season? Will George split with Callie and stick with Izzy? What's up with Burke? I know he was leaving the show, but will it end like this? No real "end" to he and Christina? And will Derek and Meredith just be idiots with the on again/off again business? It will be interesting and thanks to Tivo... I'll have my butt glued to the couch each Thursday night.

In other news, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the whole week it seems. Cycle break this time around seems to be dragging on forever and I cannot find enough htings to keep Hannah busy. :-) I think she misses school too. Today we did open play time at Pump It Up. Then we got some pizza, ate real quick and did some more running! We scooted out to my pal Heather's, she is on the down hill slide of her chemo treatments...she is doing AWESOME! And she had a little birthday gift for me. It's a really pretty necklace with a sterling and abalone pendant. It's very versatile and I just felt so loved for such a special gift.

Lastly, we swung thru the super wally world for some camping gear as we are heading to southern Indiana to camp with Dave's folks. I initially was excited, til I heard it will be in the freaking 90s all weekend! It will likely be warmer this weekend in OCTOBER when we camp than it was in JULY when we last camped! Ridiculous! As Dave's great aunt Teenie would say, "it's all because of that El Camino..." teehee... El Nino? El Camino? Gotta love old people.

So, we'll finish up packing in the A.M. and drop the grand-dog off at my parents' house and hit the road. With any luck, the mosquitoes will know we have the DEET packed and steer clear of us!

Everyone, have a great weekend!

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