Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another weekend is here!

Wow! Where did the week go? Let's see if I can recap.

Monday: The most I remember is finally having Haley Jane back for the day. It was fun. She is such a gem of a niece. She's 9 1/2 months old, and is just a silly little thing. Doesn't take much to napping for me, unless she falls asleep in the car, or if I'm holding her, and I've been instructed that I'm not to do the holding her while she sleeps thing anymore, but gosh, I miss that, cuz my stinking kids are too big now!

Tuesday: First day of swim lessons for Hannah and Spencer. They had a blast! And thank the Lord, although many people from the church we've recently "moved on from" were there, it was as pleasant as could be. All that were there, loved on us all as much as I could have dreamed of. I love my friend Teena, for just saying she loves me no matter where we go to church, as it should be, but you know how life really is... Anyhow, it was fine.

We also had Hannah's last regular ballet/tap class. This week will be dress rehearsal, in full hussy make up and all curled up and made all purty. I'm afraid I've complained so much about the recital that she asked me the other day, "mom, do you like ballet?" and I had to tell her that I loved watching her dance, but I just thought the recital business cost too much money, that's all. She was cool with that. And truly, we've spent over $120 just to dress her up for 5 minutes and hear the song Chattanooga Choo Choo. Between tickets, costume, and all..... ouch. So I told her if she ever wanted to dance again, then she could, but we'd celebrate the end of the year a different way, like maybe a trip to six flags or something less expensive... but more fun!

Wednesday: sadly, this day has already slipped my mind.

Thursday: Hung out with Mom and Sarah and Lucas and Amanda. We played at Mom's for a while, and then she took us to a McDonald's with an outdoor playground. The kids had a blast! It was fun. The weather was lovely. Afterwards, I took Sarah, Hannah and Spencer to the library and we watched a puppet/marionette show. It was really nice and it was absolutely free as well. I've been searching for fun, free things to do this summer. Hannah actually has only 6 weeks of summer break.

Friday: Grocery/Target trip. But the kids were relatively well-behaved. I really don't enjoy shopping with both of them for a big grocery trip, cuz Hannah, especially gets bored. She's too big to ride in the cart, so she gets antsy and dances around, in my way, in other shoppers' way. No real major behavior issue, but annoys me to no end. I need to lighten up about it. Friday night we stayed at home and had a spaghetti dinner. It tasted wonderful, but I was miserable! Too many carbs yesterday! I'm going to crack down and try to Phase 1 this next two weeks, to hopefully slim down before the wedding in 2 weeks.

Today: The kids let us sleep in. Til nearly 9:00! Woohoo! Got up and we all ate some breakfast. Then Dave left to go shooting (which never worked out, cuz the range wasn't open). The kids and I headed to the convention center for the Friends of the Library Book Fair. Oh my. A sea of books! And we left with 11 books from the children's section, for, are you ready???? $2.30 That's it. I couldn't believe it. It was a little crazy with them there, and maybe next year, I'll pay for the early bird special and get a better selection, but it was kind of fun. Then we went to one of our local libraries to cash in our reading program page. Each kid got a toy and two tickets to the Rascals game. The River City Rascals is a small independent baseball team here in our town. Tickets are dirt cheap and you're really close to the game and they do lots of fun activities in between innings. It's a great time. Now all four of us can go on a Tuesday night for FREE! Not a bad deal, huh?

This afternoon, we headed to my friend Jamie's (who's wedding I am in in two weeks) and helped her pack up some of her condo to move out. She is closing on the sale on the 15th. She is a frazzled woman, but I know it will all work out. We worked for just a little while and then we had to head to my brother's to drop Hannah off for a sleepover with Sarah for her 5th birthday. She was a bit nervous, but we've not heard from them yet, so I'm assuming all is well. Then we took Spencer out for a picnic in the park and some playground time. Next a trip to Bass Pro Shops for some climbing around on some boats and seeing some guns. :-) Lastly we went for ice cream and met my friends Lisa and Karn there. It was a fun night, and we are all tired. Hoping all sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow is church and then nothing of significance. Which will be nice. I think Dave may try to go shoot at a different range, but we'll see. Sunday is usually laundry day around here too so that's about all I'll be tackling.

And then we start another crazy week....

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