Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can't stand the bad news anymore.

I'm about to have to give up on the news. It's just too hard and hits too close to home now-a-days. Cases in point: A mother and her three children are found shot to death in their family car just a few hours from Chicago. This was not just a stranger to me, it was someone I graduated from high school with. Her name is Kimberly Vaughn (nee Phillips) and she is a twin to Jennifer. They were classmates of mine. I just can't wrap my head around the mystery of the whole thing. Her husband is not considered a suspect, tho he was shot only in the thigh. You can see the story here:


Then this morning I hear of the nine firemen who lost their lives in the line of duty. I can't imagine the grief that is flooding that town in SC. It's enough to bear the loss of one loved one, but multiple deaths like these overwhelm me with emotion.

I can't imagine what my friend's family is feeling. What her twin is feeling. How it must ache so very much.

So, I think I'll be skipping the news for a while. I need to concentrate on all of the blessings I have, and as I've learned since we lost my brother in law Jeremy, to make the most of every day and tell everyone you love them as much as you can. It's all you can do. Life has to go on, and I have to go on with it. I'm so thankful for my husband and children and our parents and siblings and nieces and nephew. So much love to pour out on so many people while the sun still shines for me.

So even though it's kind of a blah blog tonight. I'm going to savor the moment I curl up beside my sweet husband, on the night before our 9th wedding anniversary and thank GOD that he is alive and well, and that we are madly and deeply in love. We have two beautiful, healthy children who love us very much and bring so much joy to us (nevermind when they are button pushing). :-) I have my health and my home and my dog and much to be thankful for. A new church to grow into and be encouraged and loved on... So much to be delighting in and not dwelling on what cannot be changed.

So, let this not make you feel down after reading, but let it open your eyes to what you have to be thankful for. Each breath you take, each sunrise, each bird you hear singing in the trees, each detail of your day and your family. Hug someone, share a smile, and high five someone just for fun! Focus on what's right ( I know it's hard some days, but try!). Peace!

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