Saturday, June 02, 2007

Daddy's home!

Dave finally made it home, granted it took hime a lot longer to get here than it should have, but he is safely home. There were some nasty storms last night. I'm just thankful he's here and on the ground.

Sissy's last day of school was yesterday. I know have a little first grader. So hard to believe. Her teacher, Miss Meyer was so wonderful. So vibrant, and caring, and just did a fantastic job. After all, my 6 year old is reading on a fourth grade level. We are so proud of her.

Today the kids are just playing, Hannah has a freind over. It's raining, again here. And tonight we have to go to a wake for Greg Smith. I'm so sad for Berkley and the kids. I can't imagine losing Dave ever, much less at such a young age. Tomorrow will be the funeral. I know it will be a lovely service. She was picking out some music, the other day when I was there visitng.

I hope that tomorrow we'll make it to church, back to Grace, and be as blessed as we were last Sunday. I'm really hoping that this could be where we can call home someday.

Right now we're watching 10mph. It's really good so far. I am enjoying it. It's fun, and what an adventure they've had.

Now I'm going to snuggle up with my hubby on the couch and finish the movie. Cya!

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