Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Okay God, what exactly am I supposed to learn from all this????

So, today I found out a friend of mine's husband died suddenly last night while working out at home. His 18 year old son found him collapsed, but he was not able to revive him. They also have a 14 year old daughter. I'm just so crushed. Not only does it make me miss Dave that much more, while he's in CA this week, but it also brings back all those feelings back of when we found out about Dave's brother Jeremy. Like one minute you're just living your life as normal, then the very next moment you're thrown into this out of control universe where you're standing still, yet everyone else around you is going on as normal. It's horrible and sucky and I wish no one ever had to experience it ever again. I miss my Dave and wish he was here for me to hug right now, and feel like everything will be just fine.

And in better, less sad news, my little girl had a Kindergarten awards ceremony today. She got awards from: reading, art, writing, music, physical education, a literacy award, and a junior achievement award. We are so proud of her. She's so bright, and we just are super proud!

We enjoyed some dinner out with Miss Sally, our dear friend who lost her husband a year ago now. We love her SO much, she is our adopted family. Then the kids and I stopped at the park to play for a while on the playground. Came home and took baths and now we're getting ready for bed. I'm fairly certain I won't sleep much today again, but there's always hope. :)

Tomorrow we have a few errands to run tomorrow, and after school, we'll hit the library at some point and head to my folk's house for spaghetti. mmmmmmmmm Been a long time since I've had spaghetti. Then it's only that much closer to Friday for us. Yeah! I can't wait til Friday! C'mon Friday!

So, I'm off for the evening. I'm exhausted and am praying for restful sleep.

Be well and hug your families.

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