Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nature Girl- NOT!

So the other night, Wednesday, after seeing the dress that my friend picked out for the wedding next year, I decided that we should take a family walk that night. Keep in mind that it was about 95 degrees and humid at 7:00 in the evening. We chose to head to Bush Wildlife, a MO conservation area that has a paved trail through the woods. Thought it might be a bit cooler in the shade the whole time. Wrong. It was just as miserable. At first we were having fun. We stopped at the fishless pond, which is filled with toads. We like to watch for them to leap into the water and have yet to catch one. We then walked along the path and came across a deer--quite close to it even. After that, it turned into a not so fun or relaxing event. Try as I do to enjoy the great outdoors, I am just an indoor kind of girl, or at least not a woodsy type of gal. As the trail got a little steeper, I began to get attacked by a horse fly. Over and over it kept buzzing my head, until at some point I became frantic trying to get rid of it. I started running, not good for an out of shape gal, and waving my arms like a lunatic. Made my kids anxious and worry about me and we were all out of breath and sweaty by the time we reached the car again. It was nuts.

On Thursday, Mom and I went to the Muny. The Muny is an outdoor theater in Forest Park here in St. Louis. Each summer they feature seven musical shows. This week was The King and I. It was great. It rained and rained Thursday, so I was worried that it would be a washout. But we were pleasantly surprised that it let up and the weather was much more comfortable than the day before. If you're ever in the St. Louis area in the summer time, check it out. You can even sit in free seats for each performance, only you have to be there earlier. Their website is

Friday was spent running all around town. Mom and I were getting stuff for my sister Megan's baby shower on Sunday. Thankfully the weather is turning out to be lovely and we will certainly be able to enjoy an outdoor shower.

Today I have given my aunt a haircut, weeded some "weed" beds and Dave has cut down a bunch of brush out of the corner of the backyard. We are closely watching our ebay auctions as they end tomorrow. I'm hoping to make a bunch of bucks to be able to spend on the new stampin up catalog. Still need to mow the yard (Dave's job) and make some individual cheesecakes for tomorrow. Also need to clean up but since my shedding neice (my sister Caryn's dog) is here, we'll wait on the major cleaning, cuz otherwise it will just need to be redone tomorrow. :-)

So, now I'll just rest a while and surf Splitcoast and think about what to do next.

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