Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First Glimpse of the new SU Catalog

Oh my. I have to sell a lot more stamp sets on Ebay. There are so many new and fun things in this new catalog that I can totally live without what I had considered selling but then chickened out on. I can part with probably 20 more sets to get some of that new stuff! :-) There are six new colors too!! They are really pretty, especially the cool caribbean color. It's a really soft turquoise. Lovely. There are lots of new letter sets. Tons of new papers, two sided, no less! I'm gonna have a good party even if I'm the only one buying anything, cuz I'm gonna save up! :-)

Tonight Dave and I finally got out alone for a bit. We grabbed a roast beef sandwich after dropping of the kiddos at my folk's. Then we headed to the shooting range on the wildlife preserve. I shot really well tonight. Dave seems impressed and I don't think he is just being kind. My thumb is sore tonight from loading the magazine for the 22. It is really more fun than I thought it would be. It makes me focus. I really have to concentrate on the target and line up the sight. I was able to get two or three bullseyes. It was fun. The weather was GORGEOUS to boot! We finished our evening with a blizzard from DQ. I have gravitated to the chocolate dipped strawberry, with extra strawberries. MMMM. I could do with liss chocolate and more strawberried even. MMMM.

I need to get some shut eye now. I have a teeny baby coming to stay in the morning. Her name is Ava and she was born dramatically on April 11th. She is a very dear freind's grandbaby. I watched her on Monday and I truly enjoyed the infant snuggles, without losing sleep!

Hope anyone reading this has a great sleep and a fabulous day tomorrow!
Good night!

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