Thursday, May 17, 2007

I did it!

I said no to someone. I had to, but I did it without feeling guilty. I have a busy weekend planned, or at least a busy Saturday and one of my sibs needed some babysitting. I said no. I'm hosting a bridal shower for my dear friend, Dave has a shooting tournament, and my youngest sister has offered to take my son for the day/night on Saturday too. So I'm not really interested in adding more kids when I'm loaning one out for the day. :-) And on Sunday, I'd like nothing more to do than NOTHING! I know, novel idea. I've just read a little chapter in the new book I'm reading called Taking Care of the Me in Mommy, by Lisa Welchel... and it really talked about how we've lost sight of the idea of a Sabbath. So, this weekend, I'm going to try to just enjoy the day. We're going to my parent's church to see my dad get baptised. Possibly a cheap lunch following, and then I'd like to come home and stamp or scrapbook, or read, or sit outside. Maybe Dave will want to take the kids fishing, and I can take a chair and a book. We'll see. Just relax. No duties for the day.

Anyway, my biggest news was that I said no, confidently without saying "lemme think about it"... just no. *pats self on back*
One practice down, keep trying it till it becomes a habit. :-)

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