Monday, July 03, 2006

Holiday weekend.

This holiday weekend was supposed to have been a joyous event. My brother in law and his fiance were supposed to be married this weekend. However, last December, my brother in law suffered a fatal head injury when he fell on the ice responding to a 911 call. So, instead, this weekend was spent with my in laws, his fiance and her family, and a LOT of emotional eating was done. All in all, the weekend was pleasant. A few tears were shed, some stories were told. New adventures were had, as my in laws car was struck by lightning on the way out from Indiana. Thankfully only the car suffered. Jalinda, the fiance, is so sweet. I just pray that she will heal and be able to fall in love again someday. I cannot imagine what she must have been feeling. She did take Jeremy's wedding band and had it made into a lovely charm for a necklace, and wears it close to her heart. A very special treasure indeed.

My kids are wild from the constant attention over the weekend. Right now they are both in their rooms. One playing quietly with his leap pad. One sitting on her bed listening to books on tape.

Okay, nevermind. Got interrupted and this is about 45 minutes later, and all is chaos, as usual. Spence fell and scraped his knee while saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. We officially have the house to ourselves again. I so enjoy when we have company, but equally, I enjoy when the house is back to normal again. :-)

Tonight we will go down to the riverfront in St. Charles to view the fireworks. They are threatening rain tomorrow, so I'd rather get it over with tonight, just in case. Happy Independence Day!

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