Sunday, July 30, 2006


Can I just say that parenting sucks this week? One kid is adjusting to her first week of kindergarten, and has to sit still all day long there, and the other kid is adjusting to his first week without his playmate since she's at kindergarten, and we just drove to and from Indiana this weekend and they are both freaking driving me nuts! All fidgety and fussy and fighting! Ears as deaf to my voice as ever! I hate feeling this way about them, but I know that it's normal. It's like they are looking for ways to hack Dave and I off. Thank God he and I were able to have a date this weekend, otherwise it would feel that much more frustrating.

We were able to go see "Lady in the Water". And we really liked it as well as other M. Night Shamalan movies... (sp?). "The Village" is still my all time fave... guess I'm a sucker for period type pieces.

Anyway, no more grandparents to entertain... Now I have to work again.

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