Friday, July 14, 2006


So here's the deal.

Fourth of July weekend, Dad was having some palpitations and so he finally was able to get into the doctor this past Monday. After an EKG, the doc noticed some skips in the heartbeat so he ordered a chest X-ray for the next day. Tuesday the X-ray showed something unusual, so he then ordered a CT scan and that was done today. What they determined was that Dad has an aneurism in his aorta. So they scheduled an appointment with a surgeon next Wednesday. However, upon further review of the test results, the primary care MD said to head straight to the ER.

Aneurisms of this sort are rated on their size. 6 and under are monitored by a yearly exam unless complications arise. Dad's is measuring at a 9. This means surgery is eminent. He received his mechanical heart valve 21 years ago and has had no complications since. If the aneurism were to have burst, it would mean worst case scenario. HOWEVER, it was discovered and will be repaired on Monday morning. Since Dad's last heart operation, he has had to take coumadin to thin his blood. Since his vitals are good and since it appears that this has been a slow progression, they are going to wait until Monday and they will give him some meds to reverse the coumadin, making his blood thicker and more easily clotted for an operation. They are also going to replace his mech. valve.

Right now, since I've spent the evening at the hospital and talked with Dad and with docs, I'm feeling fairly confident. I am thankful that it was caught and that he is at the hospital under excellent care. Yet, I am still terrified of all that could go wrong in surgery. So I ask that you pray not only for my dad, but for Satan to not be allowed to use this to mess with my insecurities and fears. I love my dad so much and I just want him to be okay. Thanks for all your prayers.

And a special thanks to my dear friends, Jamie and Lisa, Lillie, Tevis, and Sally. Also to my great in-laws. You all have been incredible today and I thank God for your love and friendships. We'll keep you updated.

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