Monday, July 10, 2006


Okay, I am at the height of frustration right now. So tonight, my blog is a place for a rant. On Tuesday last week, 7/4 someone paintballed the front of our home. This was the second time this happened. Only this time was worse. Probably a dozen hits of yellow paint. Filed a police report, but I have NO earthly idea why we were the target. My oldest child is just beginning kindergarten next week, so we have no "enemies" that I know of. Anyhow, fast forward to today. I grabbed the mail around 2:30 and all was fine. About 6:15, my husband called me upstairs to say that our mailbox was destroyed!!! I mean totally taken out!! Someone would have had to have dented their car when they did this, yet no one came to our door and apologized or anything! I would feel a lot less put out if there had been an admission to a hit. SO FRUSTRATING!! So, if anyone reading this is house hunting... I would advise AGAINST a corner lot.

Okay, on to a different rant. I am dog sitting for my friend Lisa. Her little bitty thing of a dog is being really good, but my KIDS are driving me nuts with it! They will not leave the poor thing alone and she will be here till Saturday! Oh my word! It definitely seals the deal on waiting on a pet of our own for a while!

Okay, deep breaths... thanks for the vent time!

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