Friday, July 21, 2006

So far, So good.

Well, surgery seems to have been a success! Praise God! I'm so relieved. Dad is talking and may have even walked already. He has been out of bed a few times at least. He will be discharged on Monday provided all continues to go as well as it has.

We are taking the kids up to see him in a bit. Dave is on his way home. A friend of his Dad's called and his wife is stuck in downtown St. Louis with very little gas to make it to Oklahoma. A huge storm blew thru both Wednesday and today and knocked power out in several counties. She can't fill her tank cuz all the gas stations are down. So we'll take some to her in a few minutes and then go see Dad will we are over the bridge.

Hannah's first week of Kindergarten has gone great! I'm so happy she is liking it!

Gotta run!

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