Thursday, July 06, 2006

Date night!

Tonight, my mom took my little girl to the Muny to see the Wizard of Oz. And my dad took my son for a playdate. Whatever does that leave for my dear hubby and I to do??? DATE NIGHT! We dropped Spence off and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. We sat on the same side of the table and watched the miserably slumping Cardinals play Houston on the big screen. After a decidedly unhealthy dinner, we dropped of my Rx for my blood pressure meds (don't tell my doc what I ate for dinner) and went to downtown St. Charles to Main Street. We parked the car and took a short walk, where we listened to the Municipal Band play for a while. Then we picked up the meds, and picked up Spence. Came home and put him to bed, vegged on the couch. Dave surfed the net and I sat planning out my Stampin Up order. I need to order in the a.m. cuz my demo is going outta town for a week! I am dog-sitting for her, in fact. I sold a lot of stamps that I either no longer wanted or could live without in order to splurge on the new catty. So I have a huge chunk waiting for me to spend. However, it is weird to me to think about writing a check for that amount. Even tho it is a direct transfer of sold stamps to purchased stamps... I can't help but thinking what else I could spend it on! So we'll see. I'm still making up my mind. I have till tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Friday! TGIF! We are having a low key day tomorrow. I'm taking the kids to the library. We are participating in a summer reading program and I have read nearly 30 books to them over this past week. For every 15 books I read to them, they get goodies from the library. Other than that, I plan on placing my stamp order and stamping.

Dave is talking about taking the kids fishing on Saturday. I know they would love that. Here's hoping tomorrow's a good one for us all!

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